Reset animated gif?

I want to use animated gifs as MouseOver in rollover buttons. Somehow when I put this together the animation only works for the first time I do the MouseOver. - the anim gifs in the Mouse over state are set with an end state- not looping. I want the sequense to restart every time I have a MouseOut and then go back with MouseOver.

I get this to work if i dont put in preload images as default but then I will have problems with delays instead. Do anyone know how to solwe this problem ??

Greetings from Sweden !

How about this?

Based on the code, it looks like its doing a fresh reload as you mentioned, so there probably is some delay. Couldn’t tell cus I’m on broadband. If thats the case, then your only other option is by using flash.

no need for javascript or flash … the following html and css work

<style type=“text/css”>
.button {
width: 200px;
height: 50px;
background-image: url(“staticimage.gif”);
border: 1px solid black;

.button:hover {
background-image: url(“animated.gif”);


<div class=“button”>
<a href=“”>button1</a>
<div class=“button”>
<a href=“”>button2</a>
<div class=“button”>
<a href=“”>button3</a>


hth, greetings from Holland !

Thank you pointless !!!