Requires js script error in IE when clicking quickly


I use requires JS and my site works fine. However when using the debugger in IE and click quickly while the site is loading i get a javscript error:

load"||ga.test((a.currentTarget||a.srcElement).readyState))H=null,a=B(a),h.completeLoad(},onScriptError:function(a){var b=B(a);if(!p( z(G(“scripterror”,“Script error”,a,[]))}};h.require=h.makeRequire();return h}};g({});t([“toUrl”,“undef”,“defined”,“specified”],function(b){g[b]=function(){var c=w._;return c.require[b].apply(c,arguments)}});if(v&&(u=s.head=document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0],y=document.getElementsByTagName(“base”)[0]))u=s.head=y.parentNode;g.onError=function(b){throw b;
Script error

If I click to continue the site works fine. Is this an issue that needs attention or is it a IE / requiresjs problem that can be ignored?


That’s a problem that can be ignored. It is possible for undefined situations to occur before the page has completed loading.

If you wish to give us a link to something that allows us to duplicate the problem though, we could take a look to see if there is anything additional that can be done to remedy things.

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