Requirements to run ASP.NET Application


1- I want to ask what do I need to run ASP.NET application that used SQL server database in my PC ? (I said to run not to develop)

SQL isn’t a requirement to run .NET, but it is the default database choice for most .NET apps. So you’ll probably need SQL server to do anything real with your .NET install.

u want to run sql server? then i guess u need it :slight_smile:

Everyone has so far missed out a quite important one, you will need a .NET compatible web server, whether that is something like Cassini (not really recommended except for development or testing), or use the version that comes with Visual Studio, IIS if the version of Windows you have supports it or the reciently announced [URL=“”]IIS Express. Obvious but still worth saying.

SQL Server would only be needed if 1) The application you want to run actually uses a SQL Server database and 2) you didn’t have access to an SQL Server instance you could use on your network.

If you do need SQL Server then SQL Server Express will be more than enough for most things.


whay do I need sql server? I just want to run it?

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