Requirement or specification documents

Hello guys (and gals),

Anybody have good requirement documents that they could send me (or a link to one)?

I am building some simplier web apps and collaborating with a couple other developers, and I was wanting something that would:

  1. help promote the initial design thought process
  2. Identify different steps and pieces that could be developed by different people.

I have asked a number of developers in my local user group, and I dont know if they are a treasured secret, or if nobody uses them, because I cant get my hands on anything.

I actually started this in the .NET forum, but thought it was relevant here -

I don’t think you can have a generic requirements or specification template. Unless you are making boring projects that a robot could do . . .

well can I ask what you do when starting a new project before you start the actual development.

I do understand that there isnt a hard line, and that things are often fluid and change. But dont people think about the what needs to be done, jotting that done somewhat getting a blue-print of the project before starting?

First, I should note we are an internal department so I don’t need to worry so much about stuff like “getting client sign off and check before starting” and the like. Anyhow, really depends on the depth and scale of a project, but frankly we’d rather write code than documents, so we tend to just get a good idea of the main points of emphasis (meetings) then start coding up examples and proofs of concept. We like to stay out ahead of our users, so the big, challenging stuff actually tends to get written internally.

We are not a typical environment.

Was looking through some old sitepoint threads, and bumped one that had a poll of whether people use design docs. Somewhat surprised that over 60% dont use them.

I spent 10+ years at a big software firm (COBOL development) and we spent a LOT of time on the front end doing business and technical requirement documents. Probably 25% design, 25% coding, 50% testing (and bug fixing) in multiple environments. And I am also just personally like laying out a workflow whenever I do just about anything (vacation, house projects, financial projects), so it fits in with my personality.

The bad part is that sometimes I get into paralysis by analysis.

Anyway, i have been doing web and c# work on my own for about 15 months now. About to hire some help, and for me, I need some sort of functional design to help with communication and task delegation.

So if anybody has anything in electronic format that they have used and can send me - delete the proprietary stuff - I would really appreciate the help.

Just bought sitepoints The Principles Of Project Management and Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential $7 ebook special, so maybe that will help me.


I got a buddy of mine to send me some docs they use at their shop. I will adapt to my needs and post here.

Could you send some my way, I feel like were in the same boat.

Yes, I will post it. It has quite a bit of data that I have to delete, but after I go through it I will post it for all.