Required Suggestion Domain for .org and also .com


I am newbie in this forum. Is there any problem if my company have a two domain one is .com and also second is .org ?

Also both are live in search engine so if I doing seo in only .com site so is there any problem in my company website.

Please give me favorable suggestion for my question

Both Domain is live in all search engine and also both content is same, layout is same all features is same so if I want to block my .org site in search engine so what I do ???

What you might want to do is to buy both domains, and have one redirect to the other. That will ensure that whichever one of them people type in, they get your website.

What you definitely should not do is to have your website duplicated on both domains. When you do this, Google will not necessarily realise that they are part of the same site, so you will end up with your inbound links and rankings split between the two - your own pages will be competing against each other, rather than competing against all the other sites on the web. This makes it harder to get a top spot in the search results!

You could put up a robots.txt file on the .org domain that just blocks all search engines - that will stop search engines seeing that domain, but it doesn’t solve the problem of some links pointing to one and some to the other. The only good solutions, if the sites are the same, is to have the site exist on one domain, and simply redirect from the other one.