Required field for drop down box selection

I have a code below. I am trying to have the users to select this field as required field.

First of all, for some reason, ‘Select’ is not showing up in the box. How can I make drop down box display ‘Select’ at the initial display.

And secondly, I want them to select other than ‘Select’ which shows as the first entry in the drop down box values. I am trying to use regExp.

<td class=“adsrch”><span id=“rsndsc”>Rsn for abc: </span></td>
<td><select name=“rsn” id=“rsn” dojoType=“dijit.form.FilteringSelect” required=“true” regExp=“[1]”>
<c:forEach items=“${form.RsnsList}” var=“Rsn”>
<option value=“${Rsn}” >
<c:out value=“${Rsn}”></c:out>

  1. Select ↩︎