Required effective seo suggestion

Hello friends,
I have been working on one of the seo projects related online health insurance. I am doing all the activities like article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting and blog commenting, but not getting the desired result as the keywords keep on jumping and some are still on the same position showing no improvements. Kindly suggest some different activities other than these one which will prove to be more effective and result oriented.

Health tropics are quite competitive may be becuase of cost associated with it(income) and mostly the expense to get good ranks in serp is not an easy job.Not because of cost associated it becoz of too many people with full resources pushing for single position…after all there can be around 20 results in first page of serp.
You will get better idea of this if you run adwords campagin for health related things.
Ok what i am trying to say is…
health sector seo may not be like other sector seo becoz of competition…

Yes good seo is about ,emerging victorious out of that competition but it will take some time…

Now what you have listed are all offsite optimization …which for me should come second…
First your onsite(online) optimization should be solid…such as heading,use of heading tags,italics,structure of the page and so on.So,you might be missing becoz of these as well.
So,if it is,then have a look at it first.

Otherwise,what you are doing now is what roughly termed as seo now a days…they will do things in different way but at the end of the day they will do same thing(until they dont for black hat seo)

just suggestion.

Look at the sites that are ranking above yours. Can you, in all honesty, say that your site is better than them and deserves to rank above them? Is your content really better? Do you have more information, more accurate information, more readable text, better structure and navigation?

If you can’t, hand on heart, say yes to all of that … that’s why your site isn’t ranking as well as you’d like. Work hard on improving the quality of it first, including the “on-page optimisation” tips that Frank has given you.

When sites bounce it’s an indication filters are close to being triggered, wait until things settle down and see where you’re at

The niche you are in is extremely competitive and being so, it’s really hard to cut out a space in search results. I’d suggest that you start off with keywords of medium competitiveness and then, as and when you gain ranking, you may shift to highly competitive ones.

Not true, whilst all those things may lead to good rankings, not having them doesn’t mean you can’t rank well or can’t outrank someone who does have those things. As I’m sure your’e aware, off-site factors are much more important than on-site factors.

The niche is probably killing you. Unless you’ve got a mahoosive budget or you offer something that stands out then you’re not going to get anywhere.

Yes, it’s true that sites with the best content don’t always rank #1 (w3schools often ranks above Sitepoint Reference, for example). But if you’re looking for a sustainable, long-term strategy for a serious site such as health insurance, you’re going to find it much easier to build high-quality persistent links from reputable, relevant and authoritative sites if you’ve got a top notch site. If your site is demonstrably not as good as your longer-established competitors, you’re always going to be fighting an uphill battle to beat them in the off-page factors, because natural justice and common sense says that other sites where links are valuable are less likely to give you links. And that pushes you into the sort of territory that gets increasingly close to directory and forum spamming, because the ripe and juicy low-hanging fruit has already been picked.

Moreover, when people do find your site in the search results and do click through to it, you want them to be impressed. You want them to be drawn in, to read on, to know that they’ve found a great site and that they’re unlikely to find anything better if they go back to the search results and click elsewhere. If your business model is predicated on actual transactions rather than just advertising or affiliate links, you need to have a top-notch site.

Yes, you could concentrate on link building instead, but in a competitive market that’s an exercise in futility if you haven’t got a worthwhile site for people to find.

Which contradicts your first answer. You gave the impression that to outrank someone your site has to be ‘better’ and if it wasn’t outranking someone then their site was ‘better’. Now you’re agreeing that ‘better’ doesn’t always guarantee good rankings, unless you’re actually being specific about the #1 spot? Which would be kinda wierd logic and a not very realistic view of how the SERP works.

No, you’re thinking in a very limited way (or maybe just being an evangilist about producing what you would consider good quality websites). I can imagine several scenarios where the quality of my site doesn’t matter a damn but I still make money by it ranking well.

I can’t speak for Stevie D, but “better” does not mean “better content”. There are enough service-oriented websites that run off of one page that rank well to show that content on its own probably means very little in terms of SEO. Ultimately, it’s all about links, but in the long term you’ll want an organic way of attaining these links as no client will want to hire you for the entire lifetime of their website to build links for you.

It does in his first post, see post #3.

Strong Onpage optimization,quality link building work like directory submission ,article submission using high quality content,forum posting,blog posting and commenting,bookmarking in high PR and more relevant site are effective SEO techniques.

Content content and more content. Try to find smaller websits or commercial websites in your field and exchange links for content

When I first handle link building, I thought that too much commenting on blogs will generate good backlinks, but I was wrong. We have some drawbacks and that really hurt our website. I guess if your on page is already done and your on the link building phase, quality content will be really important, you can do blog commenting but not too much that will hurt your site. Try link baiting, it somewhat effective… What do you guys? or even looking for dead links and reporting it to the website owner, and ask them if you could insert your link to that dead link. make sense?? :smiley:

Try to get niche backlinks for your website from health insurance related website. Do forum posting, directory submission with health related forums & directories

Where’d you go Stevie? I keep asking how you come by your SEO knowledge but you never answer? What I’d really like from you, as the SEO guru, is some practical advice on link building, the thing I find hardest about SEO. What kind of link building strategies do you employ for different types of site in different verticals?

It is very important to get your website visible in front of online audience by optimizing your site pages for better ranking in search engine results. You should build structured URL’s for better crawling and you can also adopt a breadcrum navigation strategy. To know how this works, you can visit these sites: Goo2o , [URL=“”]Bigcommerce , [URL=“”]Volusion.
Hope this post brings helpful insights.

6 days since I asked you this Stevie, just wondering if you could answer in some way? Link building is the crux of SEO, I’m very interested in your strategies.

In my view, first analyze your competitors’ websites, as to how many links they have and where are coming from. Adopt the same line and start putting your links in those sites.

I have suggest you are using social media optimize and you are submission any activity so using keyword related contain so good effect for your site and page rank up.