Require your diea on a MAP and Locations related project

Hello ,

i have being assign to create a map with 220 locations.
The map is of a large residential area. it has super markets, residential complex, roads and so on.

  • each of 220 locations must be able to shown a marker for its location when touch / click on the screen with another popup showing some stats for that location.

  • a navigation bar at bottom will have all this locations listed with each having a check box next to it. so the user can select multiple locations. after selecting one or more locations and click “show selected”, all selected locations should be shown on the map.

my plan is to :
create 220 markers for each location and when page load, all of them are hidden. then according to user selections, i will show hide it’s status using js.
all 220 markers having another 220 divs as information popup. these are also hidden.

what do you think about this plan :slight_smile: