Requesting Info on Online Electronics/Programming Training Business with WP

I want to start a site specific to a particular type of hardware and programming software.

Ultimately, I’d like to have the following sections where products and services can be offered:

  • Courses on hardware and programming of microcontroller software (Main and first goal)
  • Availability of individual Lab Exercises whrer students demonstrate skills learned.
  • Sale of microcontroller hardware
  • Sales of robotics and electronic kits
  • Related book sales (last choice - everybody else does that.)
  • Related ad links, like adSense.

All but the first would be add-ons to surround my main goal of training, so my questions have to do specifically with training courses.

Question #1: I’m told Wordpress with a shopping basket is best for my particular type of small business site. I’ve purchased a site and I’m ready to install WordPress. Which shopping card add-ons should I research or consider?

Qusestion #2: Is the following sequence reasonable (do-able) in WordPress?? (I’m HTML, CSS and PHP fluent)
a. Potential student selects an individual lesson in a course or the entire course.
b. Student pays online (PayPal, credit card or whatever)
c. With approved payment, student gets an access code or password that gives him/her access to the authorized lessons.
d. Student demonstrates course objectives by completing online quizzes/exams.
e. When complete, student receives a completion certificate.

Question #3: There is a lot of info online about WordPress and blogging, but there seems to be very little about the small one-man business with different related sales items as I’ve outlined above. Can anybody point me to a site or sites that have a similar concept? I’d like to see how others implement this kind of small business.

Question #4: And lastly, but very specific… Any experience out there with online training classes in WordPress??