Requesting help on storing user generated content

I’m wondering if there’s any info out there on storing user generated and customized content. For example, if it was a single web page, and the user set some of the css, some of the html, and a bunch of content. Initially, it sounds like a many to many tables situation, but honestly, it’s overwhelming me having cels for each css property, etc. But then, storing the whole lot in one table or even one row makes it a nightmare for updating.

Also, in situations like this are new tables generated for users ?

Hopefully there’s some inspirational info out there :slight_smile:

I think you need to come up with some specifics about what your goal ultimately is. Until then I could see that there is just too many variables and suggestions to consider that it wouldn’t be worth suggesting them yet. Hone your idea to be a bit more specific, even if your idea ends up being “I need to store both slightly customized html based webpages, as well fully customized html based webpages” it’s still more specific and will help you figure out what questions you need to ask.