REQUEST_URI and the script dir?


i think you got mad at me because of my questions but i just wanna learn :slight_smile:

now i wanna check if there’s a url is submitted or not

you know it’s like my site’s url is “
i wanna check if there’s a url submitted after this url like “

xxx = any value submitted by the user

and checks at the same time if the xxx = index.php so it’ll do the same as there’s nothing submitted.

cuz when i use the code like


it gives me out


so the code like

if(isSet($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
echo "True";

will always be True

what’s up ? :smiley:

is it that hard guyz ? :frowning:

come on guyz i need help (:

well mainly the reason the people have not replied to your post and question as this is a really basic thing you should first learn when you are learning php. So some good advice would be atleast read the basics of the php manual or buy a good php beginners book and learn the basics.

Now for your question in this case your going to have to check the uri on every case it is changed. So your going to have to put it in a function and probably use a switch statement or a bunch of condition statements to match against the uri till ether you find the urls you are looking to match or not.

But sorry i could write the code for you but i feel this is one of those important times you should have a look at the php manual

actually i know a way but i thought it’s so primitive so i just wanted to ask about any new way, anyway i don’t need this function anymore cuz my main problem is now fixed using the include_once function :wink: so thanks guyz :smiley: