Request is not from browser- need help


I have an application that is making request to server, in this case how can the server maintain the session.

If I run the same URL from browser, all the session and page navigation are working.

My application is some thing like an exe file, not on the browser.

Is it necessary for the request to come from browser for the server to maintain session.

Please help me on this.

thanks in advance


Sessions are typically maintained through a session cookie. Your application needs to follow the HTTP protocol and send back cookies which it is sent.

Absolutely correct.

If the product/client is using HTTPClient then the cookie information should be stored automajically for you.

to be precise, send the session ID.
every hit on the server creates a session id for memory usage on the server. the session id is also shared with client (i.e. web browser) the only thing you need to do is get the session id and keep on sending it to server on every request. it can be a part of URL also.