Request - HTTPS on and OFF using .htaccess

Hey SP,

I had a forum thread going already on this issue but it appears it’s been deleted. ( is where it used to be.

At any rate, the issue I’m having is apparently very easy to fix but I haven’t been able to make it happen.

Very simply. I want to forward my web traffic to use https:// when they are viewing “ANY and ALL” files in directory called “/cart” or “/cms” and anytime they are viewing any other directory besides those two I want them to be forwarded back to regular http.

I also need to retain the www. attached to the URL. I’ve had a lot of people copy and paste me examples but none have worked yet.

To make your job even easier I do not have any mod_rewrite stuff or anything else that complicates this solution :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks so much in advance guys :smiley:

Your old thread wasn’t deleted, it’s here: :slight_smile:
(the URL just changed after we migrated to vBulletin4)

Maybe there’s something there that can help you?