Request a .NET video!

I’ve been wanting to build a .NET video library for a while now, but there is so much to discus, I wasn’t sure where to begin. If there is something you’d like to see a video on (from the standpoint of a total beginner), please post your request here. If it is something I know how to do, I will make a video tutorial for it. Accepted requests will be made in the order requested.

I still remember what it was like not knowing anything, or very little, and have been a bit put off by some of the videos I saw, personally, along the way. A great deal of them are either narrated over the viewers head or attempt to pack too much information into one video. I hope to rectify that, if possible, by creating a series of smaller, single-concept videos, narrated such that even my grandmother could understand it.

If you have something on your mind that you can’t quite figure out, please post a request! Maybe, if this works out, we can compile the videos later as a sitepoint offering.

(Please allow a couple days for an accepted video to be produced, from the time of acceptance.)