[REQ] Class for date and time calculations in custom Timesheet tracking app

I’m developing a custom web application in php for employees Timesheet

I need a calendar and date time php class that could allow me to

  • set holidays for each year
  • do “complex” math and calculations with dates and in/out times

For example:

  • Employee asks for license/vacation from Feb.24 to March.14. But March 3 and 4 are holidays
  • The class should calculate and return that employee takes 13 working days for vacation
  • Some employees have additional time (10 hours) in the afternoons. They can (opt) meet this schedule from Mon. to Fri.
  • The class should allow me to know which employees got more than 10 hours at afternoons, which didn’t. The exceeding time at afternoon converts to free time for employees at mornings

I’ve been able to process the input data from the retina scanner that logs in/out time for each employee.
Format is:

keyno | date | time
     13      20/01/2014 6:52
     13     20/01/2014 12:55
     13     20/01/2014 16:28
     13     20/01/2014 18:03
     13     20/01/2014 19:29
     13     20/01/2014 20:29
     13      21/01/2014 6:50
     13     21/01/2014 12:58
     13     21/01/2014 16:29
     13     21/01/2014 20:29
     13      22/01/2014 6:54
     13     22/01/2014 12:56
     13     22/01/2014 16:28
     13     22/01/2014 20:00

Could anyone recommend me a good calendar and date time class that could be useful for this and other calculations?

Unfortunately, most custom timesheet tracking apps are fairly limited in terms of functionality. The Calendar version only exports timesheets in MS Excel format and they want us to buy the full version to export the reports on other formats.

There are some applications like Replicon, Toggl, Time tracker, etc are good to use than calendar. Try searching some best applications with reasonable price… All those tools are great for tracking all our different projects and giving charts and graphs to break down how we’re spending our time.