Reprinted:How can I add a Search Engine to my site?

Im looking to add a non-Google search engine to my company intranet site and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice of how to do this.

I don’t want to use Google’s search engine facility, I want a stand alone product that doesnt display adverts and indexes my own sites content only.

Obviouslly better if it’s free!

Step 1: Find a software firm with programming capabilities
Step 2: Ask them to write a search function for you
Step 3: Ask them to do a load of work for free
Step 4: Try not to get cross when they laugh in your face
Step 5: Give up and go to Google GSA

I assume what you mean; you want a Search function rather than an actual full-blown Search Engine itself - as mentioned above.

There are plenty of PHP based search functions you can download from the internet that should index a single site’s pages and make it searchable similar to a Search engine.