Repositioning png images

I have several hundred png images which consist of an item on a transparent background. All are, and need to be the same size.
Is there any software that would allow me to batch process the png image so that the visible item moves a set amount of millimetres to the top and right?

Thanks in advance

You could probably do it with imagemagick - might need some lateral thinking!

irfanview offers batch processing for images. You can resize, crop, rename, flip/rotate, adjust color/brighness/contrast, plus several other operations.

To access the batch settings, go to File > Batch Conversion/Rename.

To see the resize/cropping tools, tick the “use advanced options (for bulk resize…)” option, and click the “Advanced” button next to it.

Irfanview seemed to work fine for the batch cropping and resizing. The only problem I had was that it changed my transparent background on my png images to black

Have you looked at your images in any other software?

so that the visible item moves a set amount of millimetres
that my be tough since web design in based on pixels. I would begin by figuring out how many pixels you need to offset the images by.

Since all the images are the same size, and all the images need tome offset by the same amount you could RECORD an ACTION in PS ( WINDOWS>ACTION) where you nudge the one of the images into the desire position AND SAVE(i think). EXPORT the action as a PS droplet. For safety sake back up the pngs, then drag and drop them onto the PS droplet icon you just made.

hope that helps

Did you change the file type to PNG? By default, it is set to JPG.

Also, next to the file type drop-down, there is an “options” button. You may need to tick the transparency box and adjust the compression as appropriate.