Reporting Inaccurate Whois Data


I’m trying to contact the owner of a site but the number listed in their whois profile shows “000-000-0000”. This is a legal matter because the owner has stolen content from our web site. For the fastest response, to whom should we report this to, ICANN or the domain registrar?


Please send them an email or send a legal notice.
But we feel that their email and adress may also be fake.

To avoid all such theft, we use encryption.

Good luck.

Whois Data Problem Reporting System -
Reports submitted through this system will be forwarded to the appropriate registrar for handling, and the progress of your report will be tracked.

I suppose the whois information is protected. Feel free to send email listed on the whois page. They are supposed to forward that.

spf00, have you tried contacting the individual via their website? Most issues can be resolved without resorting to taking it too their host or ICANN :slight_smile:

Perhaps their hosting provider or registrar have some kind of WHOIS cloaking going on (domain privacy is pretty common these days).

it would have to be the domain registrar who is doing the cloaking since they must have correct contact details in order to forward anything sent to the cloaked address through to the real address. The hosting provider wouldn’t have access to provide domain cloaking unless they were also the domain registrar. For the hosting provider to be able to “cloak” the domain without being the registrar as well would mean that they and not you own the domain.

If the registrar does cloak the domain then they are still required to forward any emails sent to the listed email address through to the real email address so sending an email should still reach the intended recipient.

That was my point Stephen, even if the information doesn’t match what should be an end consumer, using the contact email / address should get the details sent to the right place. It’s pretty common place these days for details to be cloaked to prevent the end user from getting targeted in some way.

PS: Preaching to the choir on the “they’ll own the domain”. I regularly show my hatred for domain privacy (I know people who’s domains got stolen that way). :slight_smile:

I’ve already tried contacting this person using the email address listed in the whois, and using the contact form on his web site. No response, and it has been over a week. The phony number has been reported at This person is scraping content from my site and many of my competitors.

I will soon be submitted a DCMA to his web host.

I also recommend sending a DCMA takedown notice to Google, they are pretty good at de-listing websites containing illegal content. :slight_smile: