Reporting from Joomla into Ms Access, is it possible?

I am currently having a development team build a website for me using joomla as a CMS. What I would like to do is have that website automatically report to an access database I would set up. I am new to joomla and access so any help would be grrrrreat.

The website is a directory with business info and data entry will be done from the front end of the site.

What I would like is for when a new business is added on the site I would like it and its services added to the appropiate tables and fields within access.

Is this possible? Is there any info I could provide to give a better picture? How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!!!


yes absolutely. You need to have access to your hosting server and configure MySQL to be accessible from remote IP addresses.

Then just use the MySQL ODBC driver to get the tables conencted to MySQL.

I have used this solution for many clients. Before, I did use MYSQL replication by installing a MySQL server at the client. While this would stop only every so-and-so many months, it was still a hassle and also didn’t allow the clients to connect remotely. The direct access is much easier.

We had not had any load problems, but this can be managed by restricting the number of queries per hour.



Jochen ur a gentlemen and a scholar, great help.