Replication Questions

Two questions;

1: How often is the default interval between replications? Or is it a on-update event?

2: If I have a Master-Master replication setup, what happens in the event of a collision on a autoincrement?

I’ve had limited experience, but this is what I’ve seen myself:

  1. it is asynchronous, slaves can ‘catch up’ when they reconnect to the master and read the binlog. It is done on any write to the database. e.g. insert/update/ddl change.
  2. not familiar, and after googling it sounds like this isn’t supported. Do you mean cluster?


2: Each server (2 in this case, for simplicity) is set up as Master of the other, and Slave of the other.

I’m not the one designing this, I’m just following the installation instructions I was given for a product.

oh I did some more googling. you can use settings
auto_increment_increment & auto_increment_offset
to avoid id clashes on each server.
I don’t see how this will avoid duplicate data though… e.g. if you use unique constraints in your application.