Replacing frames because of ie9 bug, HTML5

I have a frameset for navigation pdf document. A navigation as the footer with next, previous links and a fixed height of 65px. the upper frame row takes the rest of the space.

<frameset cols="100%">
      Din browser skal understøtte Frames for at du kan se denne side korrekt
   <frameset rows="*, 60px" resizable="no" noresize="noresize">
      <frame src="ViewPDFtop.aspx" name="pdftop" resizable="no" noresize="noresize">
      <frame src="ViewPDFbottom.aspx" name="pdfbottom" scrolling="no" resizable="no" noresize="noresize">

To navigate to the next page I use this code.
parent.pdftop.location.href = “some url”;
This works in Chrome,Firefox,Safari and Opera and in IE7,8 but not in IE9.

I have tried with all kinds of path to the top frame named pdftop but have giving up.

I am looking for a replacement of the frameset but I am unable to get the same layout with divs and iframe or the object tag.

I have tried many different layout and ironically the only one that works is in IE9 :slight_smile:

Why is this so hard, there should be an alternative to frames not that there are obsolete in HTML5.

Hope for some help and inspiration.

Is there any particular reason why you are using a frame rather than allowing the user to download or open the file and use their program of choice, e.g. Acrobat Reader to navigate the PDF itself?

All I can assume is you have specific links to certain text sections within the PDF but if it’s just merely back/forward it seems like over kill to use frames.

I am working for a news site. the user search for some articles and click on the news header to read the article as text.

If the user wants to see the original article that is stored ad pdf he/she clicks on the pdf link and it opens up in a new window.

The article can spreed across many pdf document and some users can read the hole newspaper as pdf’s that’s way I need a navigation bar at the bottom or top that is fixed and a result area that’s takes up the rest of the screen area.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

My question would be why you’re using a setup that is so patently user-unfriendly … why do these articles have to be in PDF format at all? Why would one article be split over several files, instead of contained in a single file? If the navigation is that essential, why not include navigation within the PDF itself? (For example, what happens if someone arrives at one PDF in a multi-file article straight from a search engine? By the sounds of it, they will have no way of accessing the rest of the article)