Replacement for Dreamweaver


Thank you! :+1:

I will try out VSCodium for Linux too.

Sorry for straying away the topic, but this alternative makes it a good stray I think. :slight_smile:


But but, it sounds like a successor to Visual Basic.

I mean… it’s a text editor. So, basically nothing at all remotely similar to VB. It’s like saying Carpet is a successor to a Car.



(no offence)


If you dislike the robustness of a professional IDE but also want something more then a notepad VS Code is a good middle ground. I’ve been using JetBrains products for years but have recently been forced to use VS Code. I can’t say I prefer VS Code over something more robust like WebStorm but it isn’t all that bad either and its free. I do much prefer IDEs though like the JetBrains products.For Angular and Typescript dev though VS Code is working out really well.