Replace hyperlink navigation url

I would like to rewrite the url in for a document library website user should not be able to see the url for eg ; if my original url is https://sharinglibrary/Upload/What%20To%20Ask%20Your%20Technology%20Provider%20Tankersley%20Johnston-142130141.pdf

when user clicks on above hyperlink ,user should see different url

how can i hide the path /Upload

when user click on hyperlink he should be seeing path as https://sharinglibrary/xyz

Hi vaibhavimokal22 welcome to the forum

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with any .NET, and maybe I’m thinking Java, but there should be something like FileReader

You can create a file at the “visible” URL, have that file do conditional checks etc. read the actual file, and return that files contents.

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