Replace encoded character

i need some help with a problem i have in my htaccess.
many URLs in my site got ‘/%2F’. some even got it more than once.
in some cases, the URLs are url-encoding and looks like this: /%252F’
i need to define a rule to remove it.
i tried:
RewriteRule ^(.)/%252F(.)$$1$2 [N]

any help will be appriciated


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If you’ve read the tutorial (as it appears you have), you’d have seen that the space, i.e., %20, MUST be referenced in a character range definition as [\ ], an escaped SPACE! I’m not sure what character /%252F is but you would treat it the same way (without the necessity of escaping it in the character range definition). In other words,

RewriteRule ^(.*)[X](.*)$ $1$2 [R=301,N]

where X is the character you’re getting rid of and the R=301 tells SE’s to update to get rid of that character in their database, too.