Repeating words on page SEO avoid keywords stuffing?

Hi folks, my page shows 20 users and each user has an anchor link with text “add to friends” to their profile. Now that’s 20 same words witch in the eyes of Google looks like I am keywords stuffing.

Question: How can I achieve same effect but avoid the issue with keywords stuffing? Any other HTML elements that can do same as anchor link but wont be visible to the search engine?

Why not just add the nofollow attribute to the links?

Unless “add to friends” is actually the text for which you are trying to rank, I think you’re worrying about nothing.

I did that the link is a nofollow one. Also I am blocking user pages with robots.txt.

I thought that since there are so many same words on page that triggers some anti-spam alghoritm.

Your right gonna stop worrying about this.

However I am trying to rank those pages for search queries containing “Friends”

You can’t do both! upsidedown

Search engines are smart enough to recognise that the nature of some pages means they will have repeating text. Keyword stuffing is obvious when it occurs.

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