Repeating PNG displaying incorrectly in IE8

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me why the semi-transparent repeating PNG’s, one in black (used at the top and bottom) and one in white (used at the bottom), are displaying so horrendously in IE8? They look fine in FF 3.6 and Chrome 4.

And while I’m at it, does it appear that the same black semi-transparent PNG appear darker at the top, than it does at the bottom?

Do you think it’s because it’s next to a white object and appears lighter because of it?

Here’s the page in question:



Hi, they are appearing identical in FF/IE8. Your page is just fine. And I know it’s not my cache ior anything since I have never been to your site before

Same here: looks fine. Probably a cache prob

I cleared my cache and still have the same issue. Maybe it’s a Windows 7 IE8 thing? Boo on you, Microsoft!

Anyhoo, I attached a screenshot, just in case.

Thank you for your help.

And Ryan, congrats on CSS Guru of the Year for 2009. You helped me a couple times and I appreciated it!

It looks ok on XP and Vista in IE8. I have windows 7 running in parallels on my mac and it looks ok on there also.

The screenshot that you sent looks a bit different also as there seems to be horizontal join across the middle of the main background which is not appearing for me either.

I’ll stop worrying. It must just be my equipment, for some reason.