Repeating image

Can I get help trying to figure out why the footer image is partially repeated?

Hi, the image is only 1425px, and the footer div is set to 100% width, which means the footer image will start repeating at 1426px. Add background-repeat:no-repeat to the footer :slight_smile:

k, made the change (didn’t work) The height of the image sort of repeats, even though I gave the customfooter a height of 261px.

Thought you meant horizontally because I am not seeing a vertical repeating footer image at my end :). Can you tell me what browser? Screenshotting it and placing a direct link to the image here would help :). Make sure your cache is cleared.

Hi, if i alter the height of the img into 230px it seems to be resolved. Although the image has a height of 261px, so something is eating about 30 px but i’m to tired to go over al your styles now :frowning:

Edit: found it: remove the top-padding in

#customfooter { text-align: right; padding-top: 30px; font-size: 100%; color: #074600; }

look at these…,…

Did you remove the top padding?