Rent/Buy switch not working properly

Bit confusing. The problem is on switch on our rent/buy form. The BUY option stays inactive when chosen the second time. Video will probably explain this better:

Live link:


Seeing the HTML would be even more useful

I have left the live website. The actual HTML is bit long but here is a snippet:

<!-- /.tab-content -->
  <div class="form-group fg-type">
    <div class="dropdown listings dropGuests" id="listing-3"> <span class="dropdown-trigger" role="button" data-toggle="dropdown"><span class="selected-stype alltypes">Rent</span></span>
      <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">
          <ul class="nav nav-tabs submenu" role="tablist" id="hs-searchtabs">
            <li role="presentation" class="active" data-type="rent"><a href="#hs-rent" aria-controls="home" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">Rent</a></li>
            <li role="presentation" data-type="sell"><a href="#hs-sell" aria-controls="home" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">Buy</a></li>


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