Renewing domain name at namecheap

Hello people…

I have one question about domain name renewal… I have registered info domain at namecheap and in 5 months I will have to renew my domain.

I see now it is 9.69$ for one year so as I am unexperienced I have to ask you what do you think when to do it? Will there be some discounts?

What are your experiences with this?

Thanks for answers…

I suppose you always can contact them and ask. Who knows maybe they will be able to provide some discounts for you.

He is looking for some discounts and that seems remain main goal for him

As far as I know they have very small discounts for registration. Not sure if they have for renewal.
Also in 5 month you can renew your domain name. I believe there will be no problem at all about that.

Sometimes companies do give discounts for customers who has a hundred domains or so but it is not much.

You can give a shot at asking Namecheap if they can provide you discounts.

With the fierce competition on prices, Registrars are often registering and transferring incoming domains for the 1st year at loss. They need a way to recover such a loss and in general that’s at renewal time they have an opportunity to do so, offering another discount at renewal would jeopardize the system and would make very hard for the industry to sustain the model.

The renewal price you are paying is not excessive for a single .com even though you can find better deals if you do your own researches and you won’t need any coupon. Transferring the domain away is another option taking in account that a .com transfer is always coming with an extra year added on top of your current domain expiration date.

Discounts for renewals are a rare event as far as I know. Sometimes they mention some coupons in their newsletter, so you could still wait for a while, if you’re sure you won’t forget about it all. :slight_smile: