Renew creditcard using php script

hello guys

can any one have an idea how to check the automatic credit card renewal using php script ? ie automatically the amount will be taken from my credit card annually or monthly. Any tutorials or examples to learn ?I have seen this technique in domain purchasing section.


Reading between the lines, this sounds like an option to automatically renew the domain ownership using the stored CC details, not a means to “renew your credit card”.

fine.I recently purchased a domain name and it has an option in my member area “whether automatically renew the credit card”(a checkbox).

my doubt is how can handle this?I am looking into the logic and how it works.

can you please give me an idea based on this scenario?


You are better off using a third-party like Paypal to do this for you.
This isn’t something that you whip in 5 minutes in your mother’s basement.
There is significant security implication and trust issues that need to be handled.

When it comes to banking stuff, never try take it on yourself, that’s why there are providers and banks doing this themselves. …because they do not trust anyone to do it instead of them… Would you?

It doesn’t work in PHP. It requires a lot more infrastructure then one 20 KB PHP file.
When doing things with money, one is not going to be using unreliable PHP.

yes.its not at all related to expiry of my card.

why its not possible ? I saw this option in a php website

All you saw was an interface. Its like an iceberg, there is a lot more under the water.

so its not at all possible in php script.
then how can we implement ?
please help me

I think I will have to explain liitle bit.please see this situtaion.

I purchased one domain name for one year using my credit card.After suceesfull purchasing,I am logging into my account where I can see an option like automatcaly renew the account each year.If I tick on the checkbox the service providers automatically takes the amount from my credit card each year.If i am not going for this option (if untick) my provider will not take the amount from my credit card.

My question is how the service provider doing this technique.Basically its ding from my script.So I need to know how it works in php.

Anyone have an idea about this.please share it.I need an option in my admin area like this.