Rename "draft" status to "rejected"?

How can i rename “draft” status to a custom status, let’s say “rejected”. What file should i look into. I am interested because my site is using wordpress and it’s like an article directory, and i want my contributors to see instead of “draft” , post rejected or rejected. Where can i edit this?

Not entirely sure how to do it, but in Wordpress 3.0+, you can use register_post_status to create a “rejected” post status.

So as well as “Draft”, you will have a “rejected” post status. Which is probably a better way to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link rhyswynne. I did manage to do a different thing, located Draft Status from the files from the folder wp-admin/includes: press-this.php, ajax-actions.php and template.php, and replaced on, can’t remember the lines, the “Draft” word.

Hacking core files works, but depending on how many sites you have and how often you update, repeatedly editing and uploading the files can get old fast.

Eventually you may find that the time it would take to write some code would be a lot less than the accumulated hacking time.