Removing some section that has no class

I have this page:

which has a section ( campaign creator name etc ) that I either want to remove or push up so that it is under the product image or remove completely however I cannot see how to do this as the section seem not to have a class or id and the h3 tag does not either.

How can i do this?

The elements before that have a class though. So perhaps something like this

.pagination.pagination-centered ~ h3, .pagination.pagination-centered ~ table

This looks at previous siblings and finds an element with both .pagination and .pagination-centered, then selects another sibling h3 / table. Untested but it should select those elements.

Actually “inspect element” is lying to me. You have invalid HTML so it’s a bit pointless to try and craft selectors like this. Please validate your HTML. The nesting / elements I see in “inspect element” aren’t actually representative of how the HTML is structured. Please get your page validated. Fix closing elements, etc.

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