Removing site Manually from Google

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I am in the process of getting rid of my old site and domain and ready to launch a new, hot and fresh site. Now to avoid any duping issue which could get me in trobule by Google, what is the best suggestion to remove my old sites from Google? I don’t want to do any 301 rdirects at all.

Now - I was going to upload a robots.txt to the site blocking all crawler access? Is this wise? Or is there a way in webmaster toold.

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I assume this is the best way, since it’s straight from Google itself:

If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you want to do any redirects at all?

There’s really no downside to doing it and if your original site had some decent backlinks why wouldn’t you want the juice from them?

you can do it by creating robots.txt:

301 redirect will be the best option to use the OLD SEO efforts you have made for your OLD website. This way your efforts can’t get wasted…

If you still don’t want to use 301 redirects then you can use robots.txt file.

Use Google Webmaster Tools for Removing or transferring your Site. You can also remove pages.

Use google webmaster tools