Removing Rich Snippets?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with removing list snippets in Google search results. List snippets look like the following:

Webpages on my e-commerce website are currently being treated as lists by Google instead of actual products. Is there anything that I can do to my website that will tell Google that these list snippets are unwanted and that will prevent the search engine from making this mistake again?

Usually Google displays it as a list if you’ve coded it as a list. Have you got a <meta description> on there? That’s the best way of giving Google a good strong hint as to what you want to appear as the snippet. Just make sure that it is obviously relevant to the contents and to common searches, because if Google doesn’t think it’s relevant then it will go back to using extracts from the page.

hi Stevie D,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, we have all appropriate meta data such as keywords and description in place. We also have not coded the products as a list. The original developer created this massive ecommerce site with over 1500 products using a table layout for display images…so I suspect it may have something to do with the table rows – as to how google is misintepreting the item count. But I really want to figure out a way to simply remove the “item count” from the list snippet since we can’t seem to make google’s “item count” and the actual “product count” on the page match up. Any ideas? Thanks again!