Removing html elements using dreamweaver cs4 find & replace

Ive got a whole lot of font tags i want to remove on my current project but there is no way i can find out how i can actually remove it all lines in one go can anyone tell me how i can actually use dreamweavers find & replace to actually remove a tag from echo statements and other statements in one go?


Not sure you can do them all in one fell swoop, but CS4 Find and replace has cool features.

Open find and replace
Change Search: to Specific Tag
Fill in the tag and with attribute values
Hit the plus sign to add more with attributes if there is more than 1

Do a find all first to see how many you can grab.
find all tag=font with color=[any value]
find all tag=font with class= [any value]

Then set action: Remove Tag and Contents.

You can also remove from multiple pages.

If you add an attribute like title to all <font tags first, then you could wipe them all out at one time.

Use find and replace
find <font
replace with <font title=“removeme”

Then use steps above.
tag=font with title=removeme
Find all /remove