Removing "category" from URL will not show my latest post. Please help


I removed the “category” from my permalink structure. Now my “Blogg” page wont show my latest blog post. But the post is available to access individually from the footer menu by going to

When i go to the post is not available there. I had other pages with “category” in their URL that have more posts in them and they are showing fine.

My Wordpress “Reading Settings” are set to

Front page displays: Your Latest post
Blog pages show at most: 6 posts

I used a plugin to remove the category from the URL called WP No Base Permalink

I have a folder on my webspace called “blogg” with an index.html file

I can see that all the other blog posts are included in this index.html file except for the latest one . My category in Wordpress have 4 posts but only showing 3.

Can anyone help me?

Use “no category base” plugin.

Im using the plugin WP No Category base now but my latest post is visible in the footer which is:

But its not visible in the “blog” section on the website:

Any ideas?

Try getting rid of the plugins and ensuring you have the proper permalink structure.

I was getting rid of the plugins and set the wordpress permalink structure to

I also set the category base to


It removed the category from the URL but it is still the same. Any more tips?

Also my category page takes really long time to load. All other are fine. I have compressed the images and using W3 Total Cache and Max CDN

Any ideas how i can speed the loading time up more?

Im using “Category pagination fix” and “WP No Category Base” plugins for my site <snip/>