Removing an element using CSS




I am trying to remove this call to action using the display:none css rule on the following pages

I tried removing the social icons using this code and it worked, seems for the whole website, but thats fine

.nav-socials {

However, it isn't working for the following classes to remove the call to action and the submit button

class="toolbox__cta visible-md-flex "

If possible it would be great to remove the entire part without affecting the other website elements



It looks like display: flex is pretty firmly placed in there. :wink:

I am guessing .visible-md-flex is a utility class, so I would NOT attempt to redeclare it as it may affect other elements throughout the site.


1) If you can remove the classes and then the a .hide class to the elements you want to hide
.hide{ display:none;}

2) If you CAN'T edit the HTML, then you could increase the specificity of your selector until it works. Example: .container .toolbox .toolbox_share { display:none;}

hope that helps


Why not target the parent container and do it all in one go?

<div class="section section_theme-light section_compact">

Though those classes look like utility classes too, but specificity is not too high on their selectors.


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