Removing a fill color from the html and adding it to the css

Where would this fill color go inside the css?

I can’t figure this out.

<path d="M30.001,12C16.767,12,6,22.765,6,35.999s10.766,23.999,24,23.999s24-10.765,24-23.999S43.235,12,30.001,12L30.001,12z" fill="#000000"></path>

<path class="custom-fill" d="M30.001,12C16.767,12,6,22.765,6,35.999s10.766,23.999,24,23.999s24-10.765,24-23.999S43.235,12,30.001,12L30.001,12z"></path>

.custom-fill {
  fill: red; 

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