Removed left div, can't figure out how to make right div claim it's space

Hi there everyone!

I’m modifying an ecommerce template for use and one of the things I wanted to do is stretch out the shopping cart space by removing a left div that I don’t need. I removed the left divs but the right didn’t claim it’s space. I’ve looked through the css but I can’t find what’s keeping it from stretching out to use the space that the left had used.

Here’s the original template page:

Here’s the new page:

Could you guys help me figure out what I need to alter to get the right column to absorb the old left columns space?

Thanks for your time!

That content is in a container with the class col-md-8 which is set to float left and be 2 thirds width.
I don’t do Bootstrap, so I’m not sure, but maybe change that class to one that does what you want.

I agree with @SamA74. The div with a class of col-md-8 is inside a div with class col-md-12. So change it to col-md-12.

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Thanks very much guys, md-12 did the trick!

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