Remove IIS7

I recently bought Sitepoints Build your own database driven website book and Followed the instructions to install Apache, MySQL and PHP. When I enter http://localhost into my browser though I get an IIS7 page with welcome written in different languages.

How do I remove IIS7 from my machine? I’ve searched here and Google and not found an answer to the problem.

I’m running Vista Home Premium.

Any help would be great, thanks.

You don’t need to uninstall it just stop it from running and thus listening on port 80.

You need the Internet Information Services. Not sure about Vista but on XP its on administrator menu reached from the control panel. Right click Default web site and use the Stop command.

If you want to remove it (on vista) goto:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel ->Programs & Features

Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off”

You’ll get a window pop-up listing all windows features in a tree-like fashion, one branch will be “Internet Information Services” just deselect the parts of that branch that you want to remove and click ok. It may take a while depending on your machine to process the request, I can’t remember of a reboot is needed afterwards.

I don’t have Vista, but I’d be very reluctant to uninstall IIS7 if it came with it. If you installed it yourself then it might be OK, but otherwise I’d worry that the system uses it. And there might be applications that depend on it being there.

IMHO I’d go with the port change or turning it off first.

I have several servers on my machine so AFAIK there’s no reason why you should need to have only one.

I un-installed IIS on my current PC (win vista) the same day that I got it, I’ve not had any problems that i can tie down to IIS (the only problems that I’ve had with it have been graphics drivers (updated needed a while ago for gta4) and a game not installing)

Just set the WWW service to a manual startup in services rather than uninstalling IIS. That way your IIS will continue to get updates and will be ready to go in case you decide to use it later.

This isn’t Windows XP. IIS gets updates on Windows Vista/7/Server 2008 regardless if it is installed or active. There is also no “WWW service” for IIS 7. It has a completely different backend then what is in Windows XP.

Thanks for the info.

There is also no “WWW service” for IIS 7. It has a completely different backend then what is in Windows XP.
What service(s) run IIS in w2008?

'World Wide Web Publishing Service", Provides Web connectivity and administration through the Internet Information Services Manager