Remove IFD ad IFD0 Exif Data

I found a number of sources that remove exif data, like Windows 8 and Gimp amd they do remove a lot, but they still leave behind IFD and “Sub IFD0” data. Since the data has no purpose for my needs, is there a way to remove IFD and Sub IFD0?. I found this data using an add-on in Firefox called “Exif Viewer”.



Well the problem is the plugin Exif Viewer - It shows the same exif data for any image. It must have been taken off firefox plugins; I wasn’t able to find the plug in on Firefox plug in search.

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Imagemagick -strip will “strip the image of any profiles, comments or these PNG chunks: bKGD,cHRM,EXIF,gAMA,iCCP,iTXt,sRGB,tEXt,zCCP,zTXt,date.”

There is another program you can run on the server and call with exec() but the name escapes me at the moment

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