Remove e modifier from this preg_replace mod


so i’ve found a really useful function to convert accented characters to utf8 and i am pretty sure it uses the e-modifier which is now depreciated.

I’ve changed it slightly for my purposes as i don’t need it to output json but i don’t know how to rewrite it to remove the e-modifier (assuming i am correct in thinking that is what the ‘e’ is doing in there).

function jsonRemoveUnicodeSequences($struct) { return preg_replace("/\\\\u([a-f0-9]{4})/e", "iconv('UCS-4LE','UTF-8',pack('V', hexdec('U$1')))", $struct); }
I’m not very good with preg_replace so forgive if this is very simple.

any help appreciated


you need to use preg_replace_callback() to get rid of the modifier.

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