Remove dots around image link

…Is it possible? how can i do it if possible. when I click on a thumbnail image in my gallery, it shows the dots around the image (like selection dots)…I don’t want this to appear if possible. (I’m using xhtml/css)

thanks for any info

That would mean that anyone not using a mouse would be unable to use your page. That outline identifies which spot in the page has the focus so that people navigating using a keyboard know what they will activate by pressing their enter key.

The only way to remove the outline is to set onfocus=“blur()” which gets rid of the outline and disables the ability to navigate the page using the keyboard.

thanks felgall, its just portfolio images for potential employers. so I hope they’re capable of and not too lazy to use a mouse. LOL

I found this from googling, but it doesn’t seem to work…I have a lot of images so I’m looking for something that can take care of the full page instead of a per image code.

placed inside the <head></head> tags:

function removeFocusOnAllLinks(){
for(var i=0 ; i < document.links.length ; i++) 
function blurLink() {
if (this.blur) this.blur(); 

how can I alter this code to make it work? OR is there a better solution?


You can use CSS to remove the outline, thus:

a { outline:0; }

Yep, that is what I occasionally use.

thanks a lot Sam, that was exactly what I was hoping for!