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JQuery UI has a theme that set corner for spinner, how should I add a class to my own css to override its class to set corner of spinner back to its default/standard (0px) to remove corner?

Posting the relevant code would make it easier to understand what you’re trying to do, and would allow members to provide an actual answer, rather than just go by guesswork.

what to post? the entire css of jQuery UI?? I just said which class of it is for set corner for spinner?

How about posting a link to your test page so we can see the spinner in the corner and find the code that is creating it for you.

As I said, please post the relevant code. This post might help you decide how much and how to post it: Forum Posting Basics

I don’t understand what you want me to do.
Here I chose Smoothness from gallery and edited the corder radius by its editor for 8px, and it is fine for my tooltip and dialog, but for spinner. I want to override it to standard/default of a text field with 0px corner, so which class I have to add to my own css to override it on the theme only for spinner and not for tooltip/dialog? What should I do?

To change all ui-spinner elements then add this:


(You may not need the important if specificity is low.)

For specific elements add a class to the element and use that instead.

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Thanks for trying to help, I did this , and there is no-corner any more with setting radius in my real site set to 0px, but please see how right side icons, look like in my real site:

How to fix the corner of icons?

I thought I have to add a class for

.br .ui-icon {

and set radius to 0, but it seems I am wrong, please advice which class I should use to remove corners of left side top-down icons? even .br .ui-corner-all { did not help.

Only .br ui-widget did solve my problem. However it works now, but please confirm if I am in correct path to use ui-widget instead?


If you mean the little up and down icons then the border-radius should be controlled from here.

.br .ui-spinner a.ui-spinner-button{border-radius:0}
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