Remove Bullet in drop down menu?

Hi guys

I’m a little dizzy right now.

I tried removing the bullets in drop down menu of this website.
Contacts | The Migration Translators

But it won’t remove.

By the way this is the CSS,

What codes of the CSS I should remove?

Thanks in advanced.


Try this:

.menu, .menu ul{list-style:none}

Thanks paul but nothing happened.

guys you can download that html and css page and try.

anyone want to help please.

Those bullets are caused by the background image you have on the LIs. Remove the line in red:

.menu > li {
  [COLOR="Red"]background: url("../images/menu-bullet.png") no-repeat scroll right 22px transparent;[/COLOR]
  color: #FFFFFF;
  display: block;
  float: left;
  font-size: 16px;
  line-height: 50px;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0 14px 0 10px;

Then you didn’t add my code :slight_smile: I don’t see it in your page.

.menu,.menu ul{list-style:none}

I assume you are talking about the circle bullets showing in the dropdowns and not the bullet images on the top level menu that Ralph mentioned?


yes you are correct it’s the circle bullets.
Yeah I already added again your codes and it worked.

But I have one more problem the bullets of the bottom
of each page has bullets also before the check marks.

For example this page below (bottom page), What is the right codes to remove these
bullets before the checks marks.
Contacts | The Migration Translators

Here is another bullets before the check marks,
Certification | The Migration Translators

As you can see these bullets also appear on almost of the pages of this website.
What is the right codes to move them?

PAUL Thank you really cuz I’m not an expert in CSS.
PAUL Thank you, thank you, thank you in advanced.

Thanks for trying also but that’s not the bullet I wanted to be changed.


You can remove the bullets with this:


You also have text overlapping as you set the height to 24px which means the text cannot wrap properly.

Remove the height:

.bottom-area-midle .contact-ul li{height:auto;background-position:0 0}