Remove bottom corners? - Photoshop

When I use ‘Round Rectangle Tool’ to create rectangle rounded rounders but how to remove two bottom corners?

Then I can apply color and borders from blending options.

Are you saying that you don’t want the bottom two corners to be rounded?

If that’s what you’re trying to do, then I would create a fixed-size shape, make either a non-rounded or rounded rectangle and then use the same fixed-size to overlay exactly on top of the other one. So if you do the rounded rectangle first at 150px by 200px, then next you should make a rectangle on top of that the same size and location as the other rectangle.

After that, you can merge layers to create just one layer.


Another method would be to create a rounded rectangle on a new layer as you have done, then your the marquee selection tool and delete the bottom section with the rounded corners.

You could also combine the two shape layers. First create your rounded rectangle, then switch to the square and hold down shift and drag the rectangle over the rounded one. This will add the square to that shape layer so you can apply all your layer styles without rasterizing the shape.