Remove all posts


can you please remove all my threads/posts in this forum?

Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Any particular reason pratip?
Normally we dont remove posts/ accounts as they may be useful to other, future members of the community.

PM me if you have any personal reasons.

This issue is always interesting to me. Why do people post something that needs to be removed later?

Think about posting before you post. That is a very prudent approach. Be honest to your core values, then you never have to wish to remove something that you might be embarrassed about.

If you are scared that a potential employer might find some insecurity or some boast, then just do not post such a thing. If you are young and plan for your future, just take into consideration what a future potential employer might find, but do it before you post :slight_smile:

Possibly because their so used to being able to hit the delete button they think their content is simply disposable (in any instance) - that and due to the realisation that their anonymity is not what they may have assumed, thereby in an attempt to manage the situation they request their information to be purged :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem dealt with over PM.

For future note, posts and threads will only be moved/deleted in exceptional circumstances.
Be careful what you post and dont include personal information that will be indexed by search engines.

thanks a lot spikeZ

will definitely remember your suggestion in future.