Remote file backup - what technologies are availaable


I’m considering setting up a remote file backup facility where customers would run a program that backed up their files to my server or a regular basis.

I’m thinking of something not unlike amazon’s S3 service.

The obvious file transfer method is ftp, but for me to provide access to many users I would need to setup a different account for each user - not impossible, but I guess it will need a dedicated IP address etc.

There is also WebDAV. I’m not sure that’s suitable.

Anyway, my quastions are:

  • what are the best ways of doing this?
  • are there any pre-existing solutions out there?



Thanks wheeler - I’ll have a look into that.



You should have a look at rsync - the important bits are that rsync only moves changed files, and it only transfers the changed parts of files. FTP will always transfer the whole file if its changed.

I would probably look at storing the files in folders per user rather than having separate permissions for every user.