Remote debugging!

I’m sure this should be simple, but any online help i find just confuses me even more!

I work on an web app, which is on a colegues machine. When I debug from Visual Studio 2008 it fails because it cannot find things because it is looking on my machine(?). The URL I’m given when debugging is:


Please can someone help?!! :injured:



First, you do know what localhost is, right? Should be pretty obvious why that URL won’t work.

Sounds like he is running on cassini which does not support remote connections.

Finally, there are probably other permissions and/or firewall issues. Most sane people either use source control to share the files or walk over to the desk or use screen sharing.

It’s working again now - was a problem with the connection string in web.config - changed them but needed to do an IIS reset as well!

I know what local host is - strange that this works, but i think VS sets up a development server when debugging, which points to the machine with the app making that local host!