Remote connection Mariadb


I am using MariaDB v10.1.36

I attempting to configure remote access in my.cnf file on my Centos 7 Server locates at /etc/my.cnf

All the instructions I can find say locate [mysqld] and comment out skip-networking and bind-addres.

However, when I go into this file it only has the following :

# This group is read both both by the client and the server
# use it for options that affect everything
# hashed out september 10 2018

# include all files from the config directory
# hashed out september 10 2018
!includedir /etc/my.cnf.d

I then just tried adding:

bind-address = 

I created a test database, gave a user the correct remote IP access, flush privileges and restarted MariaDB.service with systemctl

However, I still can’t get remote access.

Also I am a little flummoxed that I cannot see any of he material that I am supposed to see in this file.

The objective is realltbjust to be able to access MariaDB remotely

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.


You probably don’t need to edit the config files. Just add a user who can connect remotely and open port 3306 on the firewall.

Not working - on a Centos7.

I am having someone help me look at it, if I get an clear answer, I will post it back here.

Make sure that port 3306 is opened to the world.

Then, when creating the remote user, specify that he/she can connect from any host by using the ‘%’ character e.g.

mysql>CREATE USER 'sample_user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD';
mysql>GRANT ALL ON  *.* TO 'sample_user'@'%';

In case this does not work change the IP address on the bind-address from to your public IP address. You can check your public IP address by visiting the link

Also, depending on your hosting provider, ensure that firewall rules defined on the dashboard can allow external connections to port 3306.

Hope it works.

Hi thanks

It ended up being SElinux that was causing the problem. The error was ocurring on the web server - not the database server.

Sudo sestatus

Then I set appropriate permissions on the app server and all was well! It took me forever to get that one.

Also the config files for mysqld are in server.cnf not my.cnf —- Which is what it says everywhere on the forums.

Hope that helps someone else.

Thanks for everyone man suggestuons on it :smile:



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